About Us
About Us
Qualcomm Snapdragon Solution Provider

Corporate Mission: Learn from outstanding predecessors and strive for the takeoff of China Chip
Corporate Vision: To become a world-class chip solution service provider
Enterprise Values: Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation

 Founded in 2007, Chinachip is a provider of platform solutions and Android systems for consumer electronics. Received multiple honors such as "National High tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High tech Enterprise", and "2019 Guangdong Province Contract abiding and Credit Valuing Enterprise"

 In the early days of its establishment, the company mainly focused on independent research and development, manufacturing, and sales of chips. In 2013, the company launched a high-definition dual core/quad core solution with 3G calling IPS, which is second to none in terms of performance stability and has won a huge advantage in competition with similar products. It has received unanimous praise from many brand merchants. Since 2014, with the arrival of the 4G era, Chinachip and Qualcomm have fully collaborated to develop LTE products on multiple platforms, involving industries such as education, healthcare, communication, bank payments, intelligent wearables, and automotive electronics

As a high-tech enterprise led by high-tech products and dedicated to the design of mobile communication terminal solutions, Chinachip has multiple software copyrights, patented technologies, and a strong research and development team. We have always gathered technology elites, absorbed the latest information from the world today, and worked hard to develop technology products that conform to world trends

Company Culture
  • one's duty
    As the old saying goes, "A gentleman's duty is based on the foundation, and the foundation is based on the Tao." This means resisting pressure and temptation, and doing the best that one should do and can do well.
  • Good faith
    The mindset of putting Baidecheng first, putting Pepsixin first, and not taking advantage of others+implementing what is said and done.
  • Team
    A collective with shared values and goals, working together as a common goal.
Consumer oriented
  • Products are paid services that help target customers achieve their most basic expectations. We should be customer-oriented and provide customers with service solutions that satisfy the ultimate consumer, avoiding the misconception of designing products due to competition.
Development History
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