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Talent Concept
  • Cultivating outstanding talents
    Huaxinfei focuses on cultivating the overall situation awareness, collaborative spirit, and service spirit of each employee. Strive to create opportunities and environments for talent growth, so that individuals and groups can integrate on the basis of consistent goals, in order to achieve common development between employees and the enterprise.
    At the same time, establish and continuously improve a scientific talent evaluation system and incentive mechanism, and strive to fairly reward every employee for their contributions to the enterprise and society.
  • Creating a Competency Based Learning Team Organization
    Huaxinfei advocates the trend of learning because continuous learning is the source of survival and development for the company. Every employee, regardless of their position, should have a sense of learning. We encourage, assist, and support employees to learn through any reasonable means and means.
  • Happy work, happy life

    Create a harmonious and healthy work environment, committed to making every employee happy to work and live a healthy life, and treating every employee as their family.
    Huaxinfei fully respects the individuality and needs of each employee, sincerely cares about their development, and strives to develop their potential and help them grow rapidly.

Fringe benefits
I want a high salary!
Salary structure: job grade salary+performance bonus+housing subsidy, etc., all of which are worth having
Salary range: No upper limit! Give you a platform to showcase your abilities, SHOW it up

Salary adjustment and increase: Two promotions and salary adjustment opportunities per year, can you seize the opportunity to see your own performance

I need welfare!
1. Double break, eight in the morning and six in the evening, five days and eight hours working system
2. Fruit snacks are waiting for you every Monday afternoon

3. Welfare is indispensable for all holidays and festivals

I want high security!

First tier social security+housing provident fund+annual employee health examination (available upon entry)

I want to relax!
1. Paid annual leave: 5 to 15 working days of paid annual leave per year, enjoying all national statutory holidays
2. Annual travel: Organize employees to travel for 4-8 days every year, the world is so big, let's go and see together
3. Group activities, outdoor group building, afternoon tea, New Year's Eve dinner, etc
4. Organizing badminton and swimming activities every week, good physical fitness is a major prerequisite for hard work