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W71 Children's Smart Watch Solution

A smartwatch is a watch that has information processing capabilities and meets the basic technical requirements of a watch

Smart watches should not only indicate the time, but also have reminders,

  • Operating System Android 8.1
    Appearance and size: 239 * 158 * 7.9mm (10.1 ")
    Screen resolution: 10.1 2560 * 1600
    TP touch screen: In cell touch screen
    Basic CPU configuration: MSM8976SG (A72+A53, 2.0Ghz) eight core
    Graphics processor: Qualcomm ®  Adreno ™  five hundred and ten
    Memory: 6GB
    Storage: 128GB
    Camera: front 5MP rear 12MP
    Speaker: 8 Ω/1W * 2
    Battery parameters: 3.8V/6000mAh (polymer lithium-ion battery)
    Weight: 550g
    Network connection Bluetooth: BT 4.2
    wifi  : 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac   2.4G+5G
    RF: WIFI version
    Interface configuration USB interface: 1 * TYPE-C interface OTG, supporting charging
    Headphone interface: TYPE-C
    TF storage card holder: 128GB TF card supports hot swapping
    Standard accessory power adapter: 9V/5V --2A
  • 1. Ensuring safety: precise positioning, mastering children's location information, making parents more at ease
    2. Remote monitoring: Parents can keep track of their children's surrounding environment at any time, improving safety performance
    3. Electronic fence: triggers an automatic alarm when a child leaves a safe area
    4. Emergency alarm: SOS distress function
    5. Bidirectional communication: accurate and timely information transmission, preventing children from being helpless