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Team Building | 2020 Double Moon Bay
Release timeļ¼š2020-07-13

Life is not just about living in the present,
And poetry and the distance.
Of course, work is not limited to the two frontlines when the company arrives home,
There are also self driving group building activities that say 'just leave'.
Beach, waves, barbecue, villa, crouching, fishing
Not one can be missing.
Stay away from the pressure and noise of the city,
Activate the collective entertainment mode,
Beautiful Double Moon Bay, here we are.

Double-Moon Bay,
Located in the eastern part of Huizhou,
Composed of two adjacent semi moons, Daya Bay and Hongwan Bay,
Therefore, it is named "Double Moon Bay".
Although only separated by a bridge,
The seawater on both sides is completely different,
The water by the Daya Bay is clear, with gentle winds and graceful waves,
The Rainbow Bay is turbulent and majestic.
first day

Friday is a great day for travel, with no obstacles on the way

Stay in a townhouse+ocean view villa, enjoy a relaxing, barbecue, and KTV experience
A drop of water will never dry up until it is put into the sea,
A person's collective career is the most powerful only when they are integrated into the team.
A little companion at work, dedicated and tireless,
Tearing off famous brands also requires full concentration and dedication.

People who eat melons say that they are handsome and watermelons are sweet

Self made barbecue, even if it's burnt, it's also delicious

The sea at night, mysterious, peaceful and gentle
Light the wishing lamp and wish Huaxin to fly higher and higher

the next day

Riding the wind and waves, fishing at sea

The boundless blue
Comfortable between eyebrows and eyes

A sea, a group of people, a dream
this moment
We wave goodbye to the first half of 2020
Wearing the sunshine and starlight, relay the exciting second half of 2020.
Finally, I would like to present a poem written by a team member:

The grand gate leads to a grassy path, and the villa is surrounded by osmanthus branches.
Green bamboo and forsythia wood, blue waves and broken mountains.
The sky is lush with green shade, and the waves are greasy on the beach.
I am fortunate to be in the same robe as my son, but after all, I am at ease.