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Group Construction | wutong Mountain | Climb wutong bravely and forge ahead
Release time:2022-10-25

    In the golden autumn of October, while the sun is shining and the breeze is not dry, let's embark on a hiking trip that is easy to walk.

[wutong Mountain Scenic Spot]

   Wutong Mountain Scenic Area, located at the junction of Luohu Lake and Yantian in Shenzhen, is 943 meters above sea level and is known as the first peak of Shenzhen as "the lung of the city".
Here are beautiful natural mountain ranges, shrouded in clouds and strange and ever-changing celestial landscapes, as well as rich and diverse plant landscapes and cultural landscape resources. Arriving at the peak, you can have a broad view of Hong Kong, Shenzhen urban area, and the Dapeng Peninsula.

(Scenery of wutong Mountain)

Starting towards the peak

    On Saturday morning, the breeze was gentle and the bright and beautiful weather provided us with comfortable conditions for this mountaineering activity. Everyone gathered in the company in a warm and full spirit to take a bus to wutong Mountain, the destination of the mission.
In the morning, wutong Mountain is clear, with birds singing and flowers fragrant. We walked on the wutong Avenue, sharing the interesting things in life, enjoying the natural scenery along the way, breathing the fresh air of nature, watching the flowers blooming in front of us, looking at the clouds rolling in the sky. Everyone's faces were filled with happy smiles, and everything was so pleasant. While enjoying the gifts of nature, we unconsciously let go of the tense emotions we usually have at work, and the harmony between colleagues is also quietly increasing.

(A relaxed and enjoyable mountaineering process)

    As the height continues to climb, the scent of the mountains wafts in the wind, instantly making people feel relaxed and happy. The scene of green mountains surrounded by green water is a yearning sight.

((Scenery of wutong Mountain)

[Climbing to the top, wutong smiles]

   This mountaineering event took about 7 hours to travel back and forth, and despite the long and difficult journey, it couldn't resist the enthusiasm of our team.
With mutual encouragement and persistence, we arrived at wutong with firm belief and endurance.
In the viewing platform of Haohanpo, everyone sat around Xiaolin and shared their lunch with each other. After a pleasant lunch, we set off once again to pack up and sprint towards the first peak stone monument in Pengcheng.

(The First Peak of Pengcheng)

    Height is a realm, climbing is a pursuit, and mountaineering is a small world mentality and pattern. This mountaineering activity that embraces natural scenery, we have harvested beautiful scenery, found a better self, and strengthened the cohesion between teams! This is the meaning of departure!