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Team Building | Dongguan Yulan Grand Theater Concert
Release timeļ¼š2022-12-20

There are many memories of team building
Let's taste delicious food together
Stepping on the soft beach together
Diving together and embracing the seawater
Conquering the towering peaks together
Watching the Long River Sunset in the Desert Together
And this time
We choose
Have something different

An unchanging life
Occasionally, I need a trip that I can leave as soon as I say
Originally, it was just a chat before work
The results echoed back and forth
Why don't you listen to a concert nearby
Drive to Dongguan in the dark
From afar, I can see the Yulan Grand Theater with its bright lights on
The glass courtyard is set off by the dazzling lights
Like the sparkling lake surface
Attracted male colleagues to gather and take photos with them

Already surging with emotion
Hurry up and pick up the tickets and enter the arena
Get ready to embark on a journey of music!

In the beautiful and melodious melody of erhu
We close our eyes and listen
Allow oneself to immerse in this warm and relaxed environment
We are in the midst of it
Reading the Story of Musical Instrument Performance
Feeling the warmth conveyed by music
Experiencing the emotions that headphones cannot convey
This night
Music interweaves with the night sky
In a carnival of classical and romantic coexistence
Gain peaceful and distant pleasure
the end of a piece of music
In the lingering sound that lingers in my ears
We opened up a smile

Relax and listen to a concert
Immerse oneself, forget troubles, forget time
Trivial and mediocre troubles and anxieties are also cured
This is our best state
Get spiritual energy to better face future challenges