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Team building | Two days and one night at the end of the competition | Traveling on the waves, not losing the spring glory
Release time:2023-04-10

Half of the sea and half of the mountains
I am between the mountains and the sea
The mountain is accompanied by small yellow flowers
There is a shore where small boats can dock in the sea

Holding the moon and carrying the wind, and leaving it for the day after tomorrow, swallowing flowers and lying in wine cannot go out of style
I heard that the moment at the end of the scene is a romantic time, how can you bear to disappoint this good situation?
So, taking advantage of the Qingming Festival holiday, we came to the end of the scene to schedule this long planned brief escape.

Lower end of the field
Jiaochangwei is the only village in Shenzhen with a coastline,
Located on the southernmost Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen, close to the city of Dapeng and far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Many years ago, this was a small fishing village,
The villagers rely on superior geographical conditions to start from here and obtain resources from the sea.
Nowadays, small fishing villages have transformed into vacation destinations for leisure and relaxation.
(Source: Baidu Baike)


Dapeng City - Exploring the Roots of Shenzhen Culture

Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, originated from the Dapeng Suocheng, which is also known as the "root of Shenzhen culture".
Our group drove from the company to the end of the campsite, and after a brief rest at the homestay, we went to the city of Dapeng for a leisurely stroll,
Stepping on the bluestone road of the ancient city, feel the thickness and simplicity under the sedimentation of history.
But don't think that the ancient city only has a sense of history,
In fact, the small alleys that connect the ancient city contain a wealth of trendy ideas waiting for us to discover.

Jiaochangwei Beach - Stepping on the waves and riding the wind by the seaside

Under the guidance of the speedboat driver, we headed forward on the waves.
Helping each other and joking, stepping on the deep and shallow shallows,
I was soaked in seawater and didn't care.
At that moment, what we cared about,
Only the speedboat moored in front of us will take us to feel freedom.
Under the guidance of the speedboat driver, we headed forward on the waves.

The yacht outing activity is slightly calm and soothing, and the thrill can be felt through a motorboat.
Rowing out long white waves, the motorboat swiftly sailed deeper and farther into the sea.
As the shore grew farther and farther away, the waves also became more turbulent,
When accelerating crazily, it can even bounce off the seat,
It's thrilling, but there's still more to it.

Evening homestay barbecue

After playing all day, leisurely strolled back to the homestay from the beach and started preparing for a later barbecue.
Big guys work together, wash vegetables, cut vegetables, string vegetables Contribute to the upcoming barbecue.

As the sky darkens, the preparation work for the ingredients has finally come to an end, and the barbecue stall is now open for business~
Chefs show their skills, barbecue, Fried Rice, fried fish Food is served one after another,
We were immediately divided up by those waiting to be fed.
Under the warm light of the courtyard, amidst toasting and toasting,
We tasted delicious food, exchanged glasses, and spent an unforgettable night.

Night free activities

After drinking and eating, it's time for free activities~
Coastal walk, mahjong, karaoke, King of Glory, script killing Comfortable and comfortable


Dongshan Temple

Dongshan Temple is located to the east of Pengcheng Village in Dapeng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, with a mountain and sea behind it.
Here is a Longtou Stone Mountain, also known as "Jiufeng",
The mountain ranges are winding and undulating, with no trees on their ridges and no grass growing all year round. They are bare and shiny,
The shape resembles a giant dragon, with a body of about 800 meters, lying north and south in Daya Bay with its head raised.
(Source: Zhihu)

Strolling silently in the temple
Sanskrit and Zen Fragrance Surround
The soul is also purified
Vanity omitted
All that's left is
The tranquility after being washed

Dapeng Peninsula Geopark Museum

On the last stop of the team building, we arrived at the Dapeng Peninsula Geopark Museum.

The Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark is located in the southeastern part of the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen,
The ancient volcanic remains formed approximately 145 million years ago
The main features are the coastal landforms formed between 10000 and 20000 years ago,
In 2005, it was rated as a national geological park.
(Source: Baidu Baike)

The various crystal stones in the museum are dazzling and captivating.

The simple amusement facilities in the park can still leave us unsatisfied,
Because the happiest thing about traveling is playing with interesting people~
The two day and one night final group building ends at the Geological Museum
We came here with joy and returned with all our joy
Looking forward to seeing you again next time