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Team building | Phoenix Mountain Forest Park | Strolling the city oxygen bar together in spring
Release timeļ¼š2023-03-11

The mountain doesn't see me, I'll go see the mountain myself.
Since the last time I climbed the mountain, it was six months ago,
Seizing a sunny weekend, strolling along the greenway and overlooking by the railing, the oxygen intake plan is once again launched.
The destination for this oxygen check-in is Fenghuangshan Forest Park.

Fenghuang Mountain is known as the first mountain in Bao'an, located in the mountain range east of Fenghuang Village, Fuyong Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen,
The main peak has an elevation of 376 meters and is known as the "Fengshan Blessed Land". It was listed as one of the eight scenic spots in Xin'an during the Qing Dynasty.
Phoenix Mountain is famous for its temples, scenery, and mountain scenery.
Climbing all the way up the mountain to the "Fengyan Ancient Temple",
Many friends go to pray and make wishes.
While everyone is exercising, they also make their own wishes and record beautiful moments.

The forest was dark and lush all the way, with endless beauty.
From the observation deck, you can overlook the city scenery, take a break here, and also enjoy the natural scenery.

Learning alone without friends is solitary and ignorant;
Climbing with companionship is mutual assistance and gratitude.
With the laughter and joy along the way,
We are preparing to gather and return to the nearby Hunan Restaurant,
The sumptuous and delicious dinner marked the perfect end of this Phoenix Mountain Climbing Oxygen Activity.