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Team Building | Eastern Overseas Chinese Town | Let's go, Great Xia Valley!
Release time:2023-02-10

Friend, it's spring now
Dispel sorrow and wipe away tears
Smile towards the sun
Although there hasn't been a flood of flowers yet
Breaking the shackles of winter
Flowing with the fragrance of drunkenness
Flooding on plains and mountain depressions
——Early Spring "by Shu Ting

Spring has arrived, and all things are born
In the gentle sunshine of early spring
We came to the Eastern Overseas Chinese Town to freely enjoy the vitality and vitality of spring

Eastern Overseas Chinese Town

The Eastern Overseas Chinese Town is located on the picturesque banks of Meisha Bay in Shenzhen,
In front of it is the Dameisha Gold Coast, backed by the verdant and straight wutong Mountains,
Having unique coastal mountain tourism resources,
It is meticulously crafted by OCT Group,
Integrating themes such as leisure vacation, sightseeing tourism, outdoor sports, and popular science education
Large comprehensive national ecotourism demonstration zone.

(Source: Baidu Baike)

Great Xia Valley Ecological Park

The most unforgettable part of the entire Eastern Overseas Chinese Town is the Great Xia Valley.
Daxia Valley Ecological Park (also known as the "Grand Canyon")
Located in Overseas Chinese Town in the eastern part of Shenzhen,
Overlooking the eastern golden coastline of Shenzhen,
Integrating mountain country parks and urban theme parks,
Reflect ecological and dynamic tourism culture,
It has realized the innovative combination of natural landscape, ecological concept, entertainment experience and popular science education.
Full of anticipation and excitement, we packed up and headed towards the Great Xia Valley.

01 Strolling in the Clouds

 In a viewing strip about 1 kilometer long
You can see the panoramic view of Yunhai Valley Golf Course, Dahuaxing Temple, and Daxia Valley
Can also overlook the sea view of Dameisha
Take a leisurely stroll here, feeling uneasy!

02 Wooden Roller Coaster

   Everyone may have experienced various roller coasters
But the super thrilling wooden roller coaster is definitely not to be missed!
The wooden roller coaster is the ancestor of roller coasters
During operation, there will be a collision sound
Make people feel more thrilling and exciting
Trains shuttle between physical mountain slopes and valleys
It can be on a high-speed and exciting train
Appreciate the beautiful natural scenery of Dameisha and Daxia Valley
Colleagues eagerly queue up to enter
The final experience was also full of wit and excitement, making it truly enjoyable!


03 Great Xia Valley Waterfall

  A highly distinctive waterfront waterfall
The waterfall has a width of 300 meters, a terrain elevation difference of 70 meters, and a water flow drop of 42 meters
Integrate seamlessly with the valley, as if it were a heavenly creation
Leave our shared photo memory in front of the Great Xia Valley waterfall
Draw the perfect ending for the day's journey

 Travel in Spring
For urban workers who have been trapped for a long time
It's like getting lost in the desert and encountering a clear spring
It's always refreshing and unforgettable
But fortunately
We always have a chance. See you next time~