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Team Building | Splendid Chinese Folk Village
Release timeļ¼š2023-02-13

Chinese civilization is rooted in the fertile soil of multi-ethnic cultures that are harmonious but different.
In Shenzhen, there is a place where you can enjoy the famous landmarks and historical sites of the magnificent China in one day. This place is known as the "Little People's Kingdom of Shenzhen", the Splendid China.


On February 11th, the company organized employees to go to the Splendid Chinese Folk Village together, to explore the life foundation of various ethnic groups, and appreciate the vast and profound culture of the Chinese nation.
With the official recommended travel routes, we have traveled through miniature scenic spots such as the Great Wall, the First Pass in the World, the Forbidden City, and the Mogao Grottoes,
Experience the 5000 year history of China in one day, and enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers of the north and south.


Splendid China is known as the Little Country, showcasing China's famous mountains, rivers, and cultural relics in the form of miniature models in the "Splendid China" theme park.

      While experiencing the unique cultural atmosphere, the friends took photos as souvenirs, frolicked and joked, and the relaxed and joyful atmosphere further brought everyone closer and promoted team relationships.


Life not only consists of indulgence, but also poetry and distance.
A vast country, a trickle of civilization,
The entire cultural atmosphere of China contains too much history and profound stories,
These can only be gradually understood and discovered by oneself.